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Temporary Exhibits:

Everglades: America’s Wetlands Mac Stone


MAC STONE is an acclaimed photographer, speaker and author from Gainesville, Florida. Growing up exploring the springs, swamps, and hammocks of North Central Florida, he developed a passion for photography at a young age. Over the years his camera has carried him to some of the most remote and imperiled areas this side of the globe. His images and stories have appeared in BBC, National Geographic, CNN, NPR, Audubon, WWF and many others. Through photography, Stone strives to start new conversations and expose the dynamic relationship between mankind and the natural world. After spending five years living and working in the Everglades watershed, he released a 304-page coffee table book about the heralded River of Grass. Everglades: America’s Wetland, has won a silver medal with the Florida Book Awards and is in its second printing. Stone delivered his first TED talk about this body of work, which has now been viewed over a million times.

This program was sponsored by the Everglades Foundation.  Since its founding in 1993 by a group of local outdoor enthusiasts, the Foundation has become a respected and important advocate for the sustainability of one of the world’s most unique ecosystems.

This is an issue critical to all residents. The water quality of Florida impacts all of us, both environmentally and economically. America’s Everglades provides drinking water to 1 out of every 3 Floridians (8 million people) and is home to 73 threatened or endangered species.


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