About Us

The Useppa Island Historical Society was started in 1984 as a non-profit, private organization. It is owned solely by the members of the Historical Society and supported entirely by the donations requested upon entrance into the Barbara Sumwalt Museum and through charitable gifts made by generous donors and Historical Society members.


Formed to preserve the unique history of Useppa Island, the Historical Society has been blessed by dedicated members who have worked tirelessly for years to raise the funds necessary to create a museum that would honor and chronicle the history of Useppa.


Barbara Sumwalt MuseumThe Museum is owned and managed by the Useppa Island Historical Society. Originally built as a cottage, the Museum building and the land where the museum now resides were generously gifted to the Historical Society. The cottage was moved and reconstructed, and on April 2, 1994, ten years after the creation of the Useppa Island Historical Society, the Useppa Museum opened.


Barbara SumwaltIn 2002 the Board of Directors of the Historical Society unanimously voted to change the name of the museum to The Barbara Sumwalt Museum in honor of the woman who devoted boundless time, energy and her marvelous talents to the Useppa Island Historical Society and the Museum.


Cat BoatThe mission of the Useppa Island Historical Society is to further the knowledge of Useppa Island residents and other interested parties concerning the history and natural surroundings of  Useppa Island in the historical context of Florida and the nation.


This will be done by:

    Executive Director

Rona Stage

    Board of Directors

Mary Bacon, Vice President

Linda Colgan

Joe Cox

Tim Fitzsimmons

Carolynne Krusi

Brian McColgan

Judith Sear

Bob Stevens, President

Kathleen Stocker, Secretary

    Director Emeritus

Paul Miller, Jr., Treasurer

    Honorary Directors

Gar Beckstead

Dr. William H. Marquardt